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DUI Defense Attorney

Defending People Facing DUI Charges in Hawaii

No Small Matter

A DUI offense is no small matter. If convicted, you are facing jail time, license revocation, fines, ignition interlock installation, community service, and having to make arrangements to have other person’s drive you to work. Driving on a DUI license revocation can result in jail, additional license revocation or loss of license altogether. Refusing a breath test is now charged as a traffic crime. Prosecutors will charge DUI’s if there is evidence of impairment affecting driving from alcohol, marijuana, other drugs or prescription pills. Habitually operating a motor vehicle (three prior DUI convictions within 10 years) while under the influence of a intoxicant is a class C felony, in which a person can face up to five years in a state prison.

A professional and compelling defense is necessary when facing a DUI charge. Defense Attorney, Cary Virtue has represented many clients in the past arrested for drunk driving. If you have been charged with DUI in Hawaii, it’s important to find a knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense lawyer you can trust to represent you in criminal court and at your summary suspension hearing. Maui criminal defense attorney, Cary Virtue, can defend you against your charges, and guide you through each stage of the DUI process.

DUI Penalties and Consequences

A DUI conviction can create a serious situation with regard to future employment; any prospective employer may search your criminal record and a DUI conviction can result in someone else getting the job you are hoping for. When you have several DUI convictions on your record, the situation becomes even more serious; not only are the fines and penalties increased, the other damages become of real concern. In any DUI case it is critical that you get legal representation at once in order to determine what can be done to defend your case, reduce the charge or fight for alternative sentencing.

At Cary Virtue Law, we are highly skilled in DUI defense law, and can proudly say that we’ve successfully defended many people who’ve been charged with DUI. We know which DUI defense strategies are effective in court, as well as how to address accusations made by the prosecution. When we accept a DUI case, we do so with the promise to our clients that we will work to build the strongest case possible, and aggressively fight the charges to help you avoid a DUI conviction.

ADLRO Hearings

Administrative Drivers License Revocation Office is the state agency that determines whether a person’s license will be revoked or suspended, whether a person must install an ignition interlock, as well as what a driver must do to get their license reinstated. I represent clients in front of the ADLRO hearings officer, in addition to the criminal court proceedings, to help my clients get a revocation reversed or reduced, to navigate the Ignition interlock law, and to resolve Hawaii traffic violations so that my clients can get their licenses reinstated.

Facing DUI Charges?

Contact Maui criminal defense attorney Cary Virtue right away if faced with a DUI charge in the county of Maui or the state of Hawaii for your free and confidential initial consultation.