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Free Initial Consultation and Reasonable Rates

Free and Confidential Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation which allows you to contact us and understand what legal services and assistance we can provide to you. The free initial consultation is an opportunity for you to learn about your options and it also allows you to learn about our practices and services, the procedure of retaining our services and the estimated costs of our representation. By eliminating all fees for our free initial consultation, this allows you to contact us without having to worry about incurring any charges.

Also, we understand how difficult and delicate the situation is and how important confidentiality is in this matter. Rest assured that all information will be kept highly confidential at all times.

Reasonable Rates

The costs of an attorney can add up quickly. As someone that has lived on Maui for many years, I see how much of a struggle it is for many just to get by here. Knowing this, we try our very best to keep our rates as low as possible, while still giving you the time and energy necessary to provide you with the best defense possible. You can rest assured, that with Cary Virtue Law, you are getting the most for your hard earned money.

If you or someone you know is charge with a crime in Maui or the state of Hawaii, contact Maui criminal defense attorney Cary Virtue right away for your free initial consultation.

Visitors to Our Islands

Helping You in a Difficult Situation

Help For Our Visitors

Every year millions of visitors travel to Hawaii to enjoy the beautiful weather, view breathtaking sites, enjoy amazing activities, and more. While most travelers arrive and leave without encountering any trouble, a few visitors have found themselves charged with crimes such as DUI, drug possession and assault as well as others. This can be a difficult situation, especially if you were scheduled to leave soon.

If this has happened to you, contact the Law Office of Cary Virtue for immediate assistance. He has helped many out-of-state visitors deal with the charges against them and will work to get you bailed out of jail and back to your home as quickly as possible. No matter what the crime, Maui criminal defense attorney, Cary Virtue is dedicated to providing you with expert representation and work diligently to help get your charges and penalties reduced as much as possible or depending on the circumstances, get your case dismissed entirely.

Arrested? Accused Of A Crime?

If you or someone you know needs a tough, aggressive, experienced lawyer, contact Maui criminal defense attorney Cary Virtue right away for your free and confidential initial consultation.