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Criminal Defense: Unlawful Imprisonment

Unlawful Imprisonment Defense Attorney

Defending People Facing Unlawful Imprisonment Charges in Hawaii

What is Unlawful Imprisonment?

Unlawful imprisonment is when one person illegally restrains another person physically, verbally or by using trickery or deceit. Restraining someone could take the form of not allowing someone to leave their home, office or even their vehicle. Unlawful imprisonment is included in the crime of kidnapping, but it is a lesser crime because the prosecution is not required to prove that the person charged intended to do anything but restrain the victim. Committing this type of a crime is a serious offense and could be considered a felony. If the victim is released voluntarily by the person committing the crime without any injury to the victim and in a safe location, the crime becomes a misdemeanor.

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When facing a charge of unlawful imprisonment, it is extremely important to retain legal counsel that has the experience and knowledge to know how to handle this complex situation. Maui criminal defense lawyer has over 22 years of trial experience, and is dedicated to providing you with aggressive and relentless representation that you will need in this difficult time. He provides all of his clients with first rate dedication, personalized attention and the uncompromising defense you need to enhance your chance of being successful in court.

Facing Unlawful Imprisonment Charges?

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