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Criminal Defense: Terroristic Threatening

Terroristic Threatening Defense Attorney

Defending People Facing Terroristic Threatening Charges in Hawaii

Terroristic Threatening Penalties

In Hawaii, it is a crime to threaten violence with the intent of terrorizing or intimidating another person. A first degree class C felony carrys a penalty of up to five years in prison and a second degree misdemeanor carries up to one year in prison. All involve threatening by words or conduct to cause bodily injury to another person or serious damage to their property, often involving threats to kill.

Though Serious, It Can be Beat

While these charges are taken very seriously and require a diligent defense, it is not impossible to beat these charges or minimize their effects. These are very easy charges to bring, but they are not always as easy to prove. Often the only evidence of the crime is the testimony of the victim or a witness. Defense strategies may include challenging that there was a genuine threat, or that the alleged threat was imminent.

Many threatening charges are related to domestic situations, and it is easy for the circumstances to be overblown. It can be argued that the alleged threat was not serious, and any fear of a threat may have been blown out of proportion due to the surrounding domestic legal situation. The kind of strategy developed to fight these charges can vary substantially according to the specific facts of the particular case. Maui criminal defense attorney, Cary Virtue has over 22 years of trial experience and has the knowledge and diligence to develop a strategy to help you out of your difficult situation.

Facing Terroristic Threatening Charges?

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