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Criminal Defense: Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile Offenses Defense Attorney

Defending People Facing Juvenile Related Charges in Hawaii

My Child was Arrested. Now What?

For many parents, the arrest of a child can be a heart-wrenching experience. If your child has recently been arrested, you probably have many questions: Will your child face jail time? How will this arrest or conviction affect your child’s life or future? How does the juvenile justice system differ from the adult justice system? An experienced and knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney can help guide you through this difficult time.

Often, young people assume that they will not need legal representation when charged with a juvenile offense. The juvenile offenses, though, can carry some serious penalties, which can affect the child’s life now and in the future. Contacting an attorney that understands how the system works is one of the best things a parent can do to insure that their child’s rights and future are protected. An experienced and competent attorney can do much more than represent your child in front of the judge. Your attorney can walk your family through the system, each step of the way, answer your questions and explain your options.

It is Vital that You Hire an Experienced Attorney

Knowing that your child is at risk of facing charges and possibly a conviction in juvenile court can be frightening. Even though, at times, the juvenile system may be more understanding of a kid that has made a poor choice, having the skill, creativity and experience of your attorney to properly defend them in court can be very reassuring. Maui defense lawyer, Cary Virtue will be with you step by step to help guide you through this difficult time.

Facing Juvenile Offenses?

If faced with juvenile offense charges in the county of Maui or the state of Hawaii, please don't hesitate to contact Maui criminal defense attorney Cary Virtue right away for your free and confidential initial consultation.