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Federal prosecutors have teams of attorneys working exclusively on Internet crime and the FBI has special Internet agents working diligently in this fairly new arena, Internet Offense. Even if you have done nothing wrong, or didn’t know you were involved in an illegal activity, you may be at serious risk. If you have been charged with an internet offense or are even under investigation, speak to a lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

Many internet related crimes, like other white-collar crimes, are felonies and carry mandatory minimum sentences. A mandatory minimum sentence means the judge would be required to send you to prison for a specified period of time with no possibility of probation or early parole. Some examples of internet related crimes are child pornography, online child solicitation, internet and cyber fraud, online drug sales, and internet gambling.

The electronic enticement of a child involves the use of a computer to intentionally communicate with a minor under 18 years of age to promote/commit a felony and usually involves the traveling to meet with minor. Often for criminal sexual assualt purposes, but can be other felonies. The electronic enticement of a child 1st degree, is a class B felony with up to ten years of prison time. The 2nd degree Class C felony carries up to five years in prison.

Every Case is Unique

Internet crimes are strenuously prosecuted in the state of Hawaii, which requires smart, creative and aggressive litigation skills to handle the situation. There is no typical way of handling any type of criminal defense legal matter, as every case is unique. This is especially true for an internet offense. Maui criminal defense attorney, Cary Virtue will examine every angle of the evidence and information relating to your case and work tirelessly to come up with the best solution to help you towards the best possible outcome.

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