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Criminal Defense: Arson

Arson Defense Attorney

Defending People Facing Arson Charges In Hawaii

Arson is the willful act of maliciously setting fire to any structure, whether residential or commercial, forest land or property. Those who aid, counsel, or hire someone else to start an illegal fire can also be charged with arson. If convicted, you may be facing many years in jail in addition to hefty fines. In the event that someone died because of your actions, you may possibly be facing manslaughter or even murder charges.

Arson charges, no matter the surrounding circumstances, are very serious criminal allegations. This charge is almost always filed as a felony charge. In the past few years, there have been a rash of fires set on Maui and local prosecutors are eager and determined to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators. Because arson is considered such a serious crime, if you or someone you know has been arrested for arson you should retain a qualified criminal defense attorney quickly that can assist with your defense.

It is Vital that You Hire an Experienced Attorney

If you have been charged with arson, it is absolutely essential that you retain qualified legal counsel immediately. Maui criminal defense attorney, Attorney Virtue has over 26 years of trial experience and the knowledge and skills necessary to build a strategy for complex and difficult cases such as this. He provides all of his clients with first rate personalized attention and the uncompromising defense you need to enhance your chance of being successful in court.

Facing Arson Charges?

If you are facing a charge of arson and want to learn more about how he can help you, contact Maui criminal defense lawyer Cary Virtue right away for your free and confidential initial consultation.